Thank you for giving me an outlet to express myself, first and foremost. This podcast is as much for me as it is for you.

I've grown fond of this city and the people I've met in my time here. I find people endlessly facinating. What goes on in their heads, even moreso. Life itself is an experierence that can't be so easily explained. I want to know how are other people are living it, how they're dealing. I want to present that to you. Through philosphy. Through psychology. Through words. Any concept that can deliver that to you. I want you to think about my guest's story on your drive home. I want my words to resonate with you. 

Melt the ice. Change your mind. Find a new artist here in Orlando that you love. Fall in love with this city. Fall in love with something new.


That's my wish for Overheard Orlando and I could not do it without you. Thank You.


Stay True,

Stephen Adam Ricardo